11 Birthdays by Alex Pritchard

I’m currently reading the book 11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass. It is about a girl and a boy whose birthday keeps repeating and their theory is because of a family feud that happened between their relatives way way way back when. It is a really good book because it has really funny moments in it. I’d recommend it to anybody who likes realistic fiction and time travel.

Book talks by Kristina Cardenas

In Morning Meeting we have a Book Talk everyday.  A Book Talk is when someone talks about a book that they think is a really good book. For instance Gracen did a book talk about a book called Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos she told the summary and left out a part of the book (the ending). You also have to tell what the author is and who you recomend that book to. After that you say, “Are their any questions or comments?” Next you call on three people that have a question about the book and when you are done you say, “Thank you that is three.”  Thats how we do Book Talks!