September 7 Newsletter

                                                                                                September 7, 2010

Dear Families of Miss Pender’s Fourth Graders,

                We had a great week last week! I was so excited to get a great comment last period on Friday about our children….Ms. Pawlowski (the music teacher) raved about the children’s excellent behavior, respect for each other, and downright great job during music. I was so pleased with this, being that it was the last thing they were required to do right before a three-day weekend. I have seen your children grow immensely already in the way they take responsibility for their learning.

                Please make sure you check the evaluation chart in your child’s folder and sign it with any questions or comments you may have. Those should stay in their folders until they are completely filled, then I will take them out and place them in your child’s file in my classroom.

                I had a lot of parents bring in even more supplies this past week, THANK YOU. It is very much appreciated.  

                We are going to the North Carolina Symphony September 30 during the morning hours. We’ll be back in time for a regular lunch at school. Unfortunately there are not enough seats for parents this time, but I promise we will be needing help on field trips to come! The information and Consent Form for this field trip are going home today. Please send the form and the needed money to cover the cost of the trip ($2) back by the date indicated on the form.

                Be sure to check the blog this week, as I am trying to upload some pictures and video from our science lessons on Magnetism. Your children are making some really great discoveries and are really becoming scientists!

What we are learning:

Reader’s Workshop- We will be focusing on narrative texts this week. Talk to your children at home about the components of narrative texts: setting, characters, plot, problem, solution. Try to have them apply them to the book they are reading (ex: “Who are the characters in your book? How would you describe them and why?”)

Writer’s Workshop- This week we will be focusing on setting up the guidelines for our writing time. We will be start doing some writing about special people and special places in our lives.

Math- We are learning how to read tables, and how to use tables to help us with multiplication and division problems. We will be starting in on some multiplication and division word problems and learning strategies to help us solve those.

Science- We are continuing our study of Magnetism and Electricity. This week we are delving deeper into the study of magnets and understanding the properties of magnets. See if your child can tell you what happens to an iron object when it comes into contact with a magnet (The answer is that it becomes a temporary magnet). If you have magnets around the house, it would be good for the children to have more time to play and discover different properties of magnets.

Social Studies- We are continuing our unit on The Five Themes of Geography. Children are working in groups to gain a deep understanding of one of the themes. They will then put together a poster and make a presentation about what they found during their research. I will hopefully take a video of the presentations and post these to the blog! Presentations will take place sometime next week.

Have a great week!

Sydney Pender